Alfa Romeo Spyder Tires


Its rough out there! Spent half of my weekend looking for the proper tires for my 1976 Alfa Romeo Spyder only to find almost everyone doesn’t carry 185/ 70 R 14 sizes. Finally found the holy grail of what seems to be vintage tires for us nuts who have unorthodox cars! Actually it is called Lucas Classic Tires and seems to be in LA or the area. My issue is I don’t know how much to ship me the tires yet. But the Pirellis I found there are exactly period correct and also what was an option for the car when new. Also they explained this.
“Pirelli thankfully produce their excellent CA67 CINTURATO tire in the size 165HR14. Over the years many of these European sports cars that should have a 165HR14 have been replaced with oversized 185/70R14’s. This could have a derogatory effect on the handling making them heavier and handle in a less progressive manner. It is worth putting these sports cars back into the correct 165HR14 tires so you can enjoy the feel of the road and the progressive sports car handling that these little European cars are designed to deliver.” BTW here is the link to these! https://www.lucasclassictires.com/165HR14-Pirelli-Cinturato-CA67-500p.htm
Now we need to have Hagerty work out a discount program with them for us!!! Hint Hint!