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In 1965, Alfa Romeo was faced with replacing the 10-year-old Giulietta models. The iconic 1954 Sprint coupe and 1955 Spider were modern, yet timeless, so there was much at stake. Pininfarina foreshadowed the Duetto with a bubble top concept at the 1961 Turin show, but the spider didn’t appear until Geneva in 1966.

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I think the major “buzz killer” for the S2 series in the USA as far as desirability is those horrible mandated 5 mph bumpers, not the Kamm tail, which was imitated by the TR7 and others.

Fortunately, it seems there are no restrictions in the US for replacing the bumpers with the Euro-style stainless style. I find the 5 mph bumpers ironic, when looking at modern cars with their total lack of bumpers.