All hail the Volchero


The beauty of crappy old cars is that you never feel guilty taking drastic measures to turn them into something else, which in this case means something awesome. Take a Sawzall to a Ferrari F40 and people will call for blood. Take that same Sawzall to an early Volvo 245 wagon, and guys like me double take, make an illegal U-turn, and come back for a picture.

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Hello there, Nick Haas owner of R&R Auto llc, a Volvo specialist in Portland Oregon.

This is our “Shop Truck” . a 300hp+ tire burning mystery machine we created in a very short time at the begining of the year. Below is a link to our facebook page with our build of the beast. Please feel free to swing by our shop and take a closer look. Thanks for the right up! Nick and the R&R auto crew. https://m.facebook.com/pg/rnrautoportland/photos/?tab=album&album_id=554182424923483&ref=bookmarks


@Rnrautoportland - Awesome! Thanks for chiming in and giving some more info on the quirky little pickup. Looks like the perfect shop truck for your operation.


Glad you saw this, Nick. Thanks for the reply. I’d love to check this rig out more, and get your thoughts on some work for my 242. See you soon.


Except for the sort of roughly built rear window guard and unfinished bed, it’s a nicely done “truck”. Nice enough that it really deserves a finished bed and a better looking window guard… maybe a roll bar with a guard on the inside… or delete the guard altogether.

I’m a Rambler guy. Ramblers are the Volvo of American cars… underappreciated, and low enough in value that people don’t mind hot rodding them as much as other (admittedly more valuable) late 50s and 60s cars. Or doing strange things to them. But they are solidly built, and most are modestly powered – very similar to the Volvo. Heck, the 58-60 Rambler American even bears a strong resemblance to a 56 Amazon – more so than the New Yorker (I’m assuming 49-54) the Wikipedia Volvo Amazon article says inspired it.