Almost Classic: 1984-1990 Ford Bronco II


The Ford Bronco II is in many ways the black sheep of the Blue Oval SUV family. Although collectors fawn over first-gen Broncos, and despite the rising prices associated with the later big-body generation of the truck, the II (aka the Deuce, aka Junior) has never made the same kind of impact on either the classic market or the imaginations of enthusiasts.

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Hi, nice article. I can attest to the claims here as well, my folks got an '87 XLT new and i got it as my DD in '89 when i got my license. I put over 200K on that 2.9 and sold it i think in 2009. It went through a lot of drivers, my whole family in fact. Only things that failed were the fan clutch, ICM and tranny at 190K, lost 4th.
The 2.9 was a great motor, couldn’t kill it. mine was lifted 4" sus and 3" body with "33 tires. Even had bug shield with GrapeApe on it, being purple and all.


I honestly don’t really understand why the Ranger isn’t considered a valuable collectible at this point already. The First Gens are over 25 years old and there are just VERY few clean original ones around. But they are such a great looking, unique, economical truck today. With so many sold originally, I’d think there would be a large market for nice examples today. Maybe give it another 10 years :wink:


I’ve owned my '89 Eddie Bauer for over ten years and have only had problems with the steering box (sloppy). It has been reliable and a blast to drive. This is my 3rd Bronco II ('89, '90, '89), running the first two up to 200k miles each. I don’t understand why these good looking trucks are not recognized more. My current one only has 74k miles and is a keeper.


It is true the OEM stock vehicles weren’t perfect. I ordered mine from the factory. Today, my 1989 Bronco II is amazingly responsive and somewhat addictive. As a result, I might have lower MPG. I have so much fun driving it, I lost my willpower to try to conserve fuel. Every time I rent another SUV, I appreciate this Bronco ii XLT even more. The cab interior is quieter that most SUVs in the rental market. I frequently use the tight turn radius. For any vehicle, degree of maintenance and age of parts affect performance. I have used a maintenance and replacement approach to ensure good performance and reliability, my highest regarded attributes for a vehicle. As a result, this vehicle performs better now than when it was new.