AMC Javelin values are steady as a rock

In the sometimes-volatile collector car marketplace, recent 1968–74 AMC Javelin values have been as steady as a surgeon’s hand. The car’s popularity relative to the rest of the market, on the other hand, is what you would expect from a ride on a Six Flags roller coaster: lots of ups and downs.

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Why no reference to the AMX?

Hagerty ran a piece about the AMX a while ago. It is not the same car.

I had a green 70 SST that I bought with money I saved from my school savings account in 74. Great car, but after owning it for only two weeks, a 74 Fleetwood Broughan pulled in front of me and I hit it broadside. Not my fault, but the car was totaled. The insurance settlement paid for college.

For 30 yrs I wanted a 71-74 Javelin —(there is something cool about them-I guess it is the WET TEE-SHIRT design) where Don Teague used the contoured fender design of the early Corvettes-the slope back roof from the Ford Mustang–the grill from the Mopar Barracudas—threw them all on the drawing board and created the 71-74 Javelin body style. I found a 72 in 2016 ( I am still working on it)–every time I take it to a show they can park me between all the Cameros-Malibus-Mopars-Mustangs—and I have more people around me than all the others combined—The last show I went to a guy wanted to trade me straight across for a 65 Mustang fast back—I said “NO”—he said why don’t you go down there and look at it–it was TOTALLY CHERRY’d out I mean nice–worth more than my Javelin—but NO THANKS–Any body can own a 72 Malbu-Mustang-Mopar-Corvette—only 22,000- can own a 72 SST and only 3100 can own a AMX—.AMC JAVELIN RULES

I bought a 68 SST 390 4 speed brand new. Many modifications later it turned 11.9 at Atco. Sold it to buy my wife’s engagement ring. Still married and have a 69 Javelin with a crate 401, Tremec 6 speed, Vintage Air 4 link rear suspension and complete new double wishbone front suspension. This one goes to my grandson someday. Also have a 74 Bricklin but that is another story.

I’ve often wondered what the parts availability is like for these cars nowadays. And not just the big parts like body panels, glass, chrome parts but also just regular everyday parts like for tune-ups, simple repairs, etc. I had a '68 AMX 390, 4-speed, AC car in the mid 80s and it was relatively easy to get most things then even at the local auto parts store.