American Frenemies: Cadillac and Lincoln were launched by the same man


Here’s a nugget of Motor City lore known only to devout Cadillac and Lincoln enthusiasts: the same entrepreneur was responsible for creating both of America’s premier brands.

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Don, thank you for writing this article. I grew up a Cadillac fan. My dad owned 5 starting with 1979. I became an enthusiast collecting articles and pictures at a young age. In college, I was a staff writer of an automotive column for the school’s paper. Although I didn’t write about it, it was then that I discovered that Leland created Lincoln, also. I knew about Cadillac in elementary school. I don’t think that many outside of car hobby or Detroit know this fact. I am in Maryland and I can that this fact is know by very few. So many generations later, the people behind the names are slowly getting lost. Thank you for the article and I hope that others enjoy this reminder as well as those learning more about the history of this industry.

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