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When pop culture becomes pop history

Movie cars have a special magnetism that often outlasts the movie. Consider the bizarre creations that powered the Mad Max maniacs in the two post-apocalyptic thrillers from the 1980s. Today you can buy replicas of the bizarre creations in The Road Warrior – from Pappagallo’s “beerkeg” roadster to the cut-down ‘60s Ford pickup with the machine gun, or even Max’s own Ford Falcon Interceptor. They’re built in Australia near the movie locations.

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Figari does not own the American Graffiti '55 as the article would lead you to believe by stating “he also has a black ’55 Chevy’s built for Graffiti and styled after 1971’s Two Lane Blacktop. The ’55 Chevy was driven in American Graffiti by Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford) and featured in the final dawn drag race with the yellow Deuce Coupe”.

Nor, was the '55 Chevy owned by Figari built by Richard Ruth when the article stated "Figari said builder Richard Ruth had one extra car left after the movie, “so he built it exactly like Harrison Ford’s car, for me.”

Figari bought his black '55 from an ebay seller in New York state in the late 1990s or early 2000s. It was essentially a completed American Graffiti '55 Chevy clone, and Figari had Richard Ruth install a straight axle under the car and do some rust repair.

I was watching the auction and saw that Figari bought the car. I later saw it in Richard Ruth’s shop where the straight axle was installed.


This article is riddled with inaccuracies. The Real Graffiti 55 is alive and well in Texas. The Two Lane 55 lives in Ohio. The other were destroyed… Ruth didn’t have any spares laying around?? Rick has been miss quoted many times in articles. Rick Figari does own Milners 32 out in California. He never found the plates or shifter in the car. The 58 Impala did sell and is now in North Carolina. Clay Daily no longer owns the T-bird. Eddie Van Halen never Owned the Merc and the New York owner did not commit suicide. Reports say the Citroen has been found… “Awww C,Mon” guys do more than read old inaccurate car magazines and internet rumors for your research… There are a few of us who have put in the time and have some real knowledge of the cars from the film all you need to do is ask and we would gladly help compose a correct fact filled article complete with proof of our statements or you could just visit out blogs and read our articles on such matters???

Sorry for the rant but I have had this article forwarded to me one to many times for me to sit idle.