American icon in a foreign land: Japan’s police-spec Tochigi Mustang Mach 1


With 10 million Ford Mustangs on the road, you’d expect to find them everywhere, but perhaps not here in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Tochigi is a couple of hours north of Tokyo, and its driver licensing center is a plain, officious-looking building. No one speaks English here; foreigners applying for a license must bring an interpreter if they do not speak Japanese. And yet, tucked in a mouldering display between the two buildings is something that needs no translation: a 1971 Mustang Mach 1, wearing the full uniform of the Tochigi high-speed pursuit division.

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What’s with the '59 Impala ragtop next to the Mustang?


Chevy is a 60 or 61. Fins to small for a 59.


That is a 1960 Impala. Also a Japanese police car.


The Chevy is a 1960.


I was stationed in Misawa Japan in the Air Force during this time. I checked at the local dealer how much a new base Mach I would cost, $15+ thousand. 5 times my father’s dealership price at that time in Nebraska. Wasn’t fair trade then and still not now.


429 was not available in 72 or 73 Mustang…


As stipulated in the article, the Impala was a “parade” car. What’s most interesting is that the Mustang is LEFT HAND drive. Japan is a RIGHT HAND drive country - i.e. like England and the other “Commonwealth” countries, they drive on the left. Was Ford expecting the buyers would re-import the cars back to the US?