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Every collector has a personal Holy Grail. Few collectors seriously pursue theirs; fewer still actually find what they’re looking for and have the financial means to purchase it. In a recent best-of episode of American Pickers, however, Mike Wolfe defied the odds by scoring two.

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Great article. Von Dutch was a legend even back in the 60s. He did a nice job of adding hood louvers to my brother’s 60 Ford Falcon drag car.

He was also known for making movie props, such as working pistols he would build from scratch.

I know his name and logo were licensed on clothing a few years ago. I saw some t shirts in Paris but none of the salespeople knew who he was.


Holy grail? Not even close. Vincent Black Lightning. Nothing came close to it its performance or beauty. Those two boobs wouldn’t recognize one if they walked right by it. Even Mike’s brother rode a Vincent Black Shadow and called it ‘The Holy Grail’ Von Dutch was cool. And had a connection with Vincent motorcycles. I still have my Bell helmet he ‘scratched’ for me.