Announcing the Hagerty Drivers Club


We’ve got big news, and it’s called Hagerty Drivers Club. HDC makes everything about loving, driving, and owning cars even better. Anyone can join, whether you’re still shopping for your dream car or already own a hundred. To learn more, head to the Hagerty Drivers Club section of our website by clicking here, or read on for more information. (For reader in Canada, head to the Canadian version of our HDC page.) If you currently have Hagerty Plus, you’re automatically enrolled in the Hagerty Drivers Club.

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As a person who pays you a couple of thousand dollars a year for insurance, losing access to some of the valuation tools unless I pay you more money seems a little odd??


Does this Replace Roadside Assist.??


I like the looks of a red car on a tow truck, like my '57 Pontiac Chieftain.


@beck - The roadside assistance (Hagerty Plus) is a part of the Hagerty Drivers Club membership. Here is a link to a quick list that I found easier to scroll through than the full explainer above- Hagerty Drivers Club


Help me out if I already pay for your insurance — which is great— and I get the magazine —which I love — why I am joining HDC?


Same question here.

Magazine is great, but not worth $45 a year.

And what about roadside assist? Is that now only available through Hagerty Drivers’ Club?

You have done a very poor job rolling this out.


So I just tried to pay my premium online.

Three separate times I deselected the $45 fee for Hagerty Drivers’ Club. Each time I was told there was a server error and I could not complete the transaction.

Then I tried to pay leaving the default Hagerty Driver’s Club fee in place. You guessed it - no problem getting to the payment screen.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but this is leaving me pretty aggravated. Are you sure your clients want this?


This does not appear to come close answering my question, but no rush I only asked in December

thanx & keep in touch***
steve brown***