Any car can be a classic to someone


I was driving along a lovely country road on the vineyard-dotted peninsula where I live in northern Michigan when a Pontiac Aztek whizzed by. That alone wasn’t out of the ordinary. There are still a lot of Azteks on the road even though GM sold only 119,000 of them and stopped production in 2005 after a rather inglorious five-year run. What was extraordinary was that four more soon followed. Outside of a repair shop, five Azteks in the same place at the same time does not just “happen.” What I was probably witnessing was an Aztek fan club out for a Sunday wine-country tour. Good for them.

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I suggest that the Aztek Owners Group call themselves The Conquistadors.


For me the star of the “Breaking Bad” netflix series was Walt’s Aztec. It survived much abuse in that show and proved worthy to own. Great story about a skipped over collectable and best wishes to all Aztec owners.