Any experience with the unlimited mile CPO warranty

I’m a high mileage driver, looking at a 2018 C300 Sedan 4 Matic Sport CPO that was a dealer loaner with about 6000 miles and 3 year 6 months left on the original warranty. I have three questions:

-I see conflicting info if the CPO mileage is unlimited, or just the year added on.

-Any experience with the coverage? Will they be denying me a turbo with 200k miles if I’m still in the five years (four plus one if the mileage is truly unlimited)

-What should that car cost?

Our only experience with extended warranties at the Davis household wasn’t a good one.

We picked up a used Kia Sedona minivan, which was ok for a while, until the catalytic converters (that’s right, this vehicle had 5 of them) started going bad, one by one to the tune of $2400 a piece. The extended warranty didn’t cover it.

We traded that Kia in for an 06 Buick, and told the dealer we traded it into that we would enjoy watching it crushed if that is what they did with it.

The only other car I ever would have loved to have seen crushed was that Honda Civic DX that we had.