Any VW Baja people out there

Here’s mine 1970 1776 work in progress

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Love it!

I have always wanted to do a baja bug but never actually set the funds and time aside to do it. Yours almost looks like it is missing something without a stinger exhaust!

Looks pretty good. I think, out in so cali, they still race in class 11.


I went with the buggy exhaust. Like it better than the stinger lol. A friend of mine raced class 11 for years won a few races also

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People who have been rear ended running stingers swear by them.

Going to keep it primer gray, or have you thought about what kind of paint style?

I always wanted to do one up like the old yellow vw baja tonka toy I had when I was a kid.

It’s actually painted single stage enamel machine gray. It also has a full roll cage rear bumper attached to the main cage. It’s still a work in progress. Interior has aluminum door panels aluminum dash with VDO gauges off road suspension seats 4 point harness.