Anyone else still rollin’ in VW TDI after diesel-gate?

Still love my TDI - Type R one of a kind. Full OEM replacement! R front bumper, R leather interior, GTI/R flat-bottom steering wheel, red GTI VW calipers, rear wing modified off roof line, rear bumper diffuser, variegated LED tail lights, OEM ‘15 LED’ HID head lights and few more odds and ends :sunglasses: NO engine mods whatsoever! Only short-shifter for the 6sp manual thrown on for fun. All in all LOVE this car and would not give it back to VW for nothing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: image


Nice tasteful modifications! I dig the look, must be a hoot to drive!

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Looks great! Very clean looking car - basically your own GTD.

I’m still happily rocking a TDi as well - still pre-diesel gate setup as I never had the emissions updates done.

Like you, went for a bit of an OEM+ route
09’ Sportwagen HighLine 6spd
Retrofits: OEM GTi Xenons, RNS510, 9W7 BT, backup cam, R-Line mirrors, Bristol Wheels, GTi Flat bottom steering wheel, euro switch, tint, Tiguan antenna, etc.

There is no way I would have given any of these back. So nice to see them still out there.

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