Are the early mustang fastback appreciating or De we

Can a restomod fixxed up fastback bring decent $. These days

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Depends on what you qualify as “decent $.” That’s a nice 2+2, probably could get $25K - $35K, depending on your area.

Thanks. I was offered almost 50 last yr. it was at my friends shop. These guy wanted to take it back to Japan. I barely got to enjoy it. I turned it down.
I have about 38 into it. But I’m loving it and keeping it. I live in southern Calif LA area.

I agree with @TrueBlue, it depends on what you feel good money is. I think there will always be a market for well done cars with good mods that make an older car more drivable. I also think it depends on the level of resto modding too. A mild build fits right in that $25,000 - $35,000 range quite well that was mentioned. A more wild build might bring more.