Are there any Pontiac Fiero loves out there?

I’m writing to see if anybody else loves the 88 Pontiac Fiero? I’ve gotten plenty of slack about this car. But for some reason (definitely not the motor) I love it. I don’t know what GM was thinking when they made a sports car that won’t even get out of it’s own way. Absolutely horrible. Thank goodness the 88 didn’t have the fire issues but it will overheat. I bought the car in 1990 and other than the total lack of power I love it. It has the Lotus suspension package and once you finally get up to speed it handles great. Awesome on twisty roads. I will never understand what GM was thinking when they crammed a severely underpowered motor in it. And the no rack and pinion steering is terrible when it comes to parallel parking. Save your time and find another space. And forget about trying to go over a speed bump. Unless you have enough room to take it sideways, find another way. Otherwise you will pay dearly. It actually sits lower than any Vette I’ve ever been in. The coolant tubes are in a horrible place with no protection if you were to accidentally hit something. Thank God for a parts shop called “The Fiero Store”. They have just about everything. Yet with all the issues it has there is something I just love about it. Maybe the clean lines??? And I do have a thing for pop up lights. Mine is pretty much stock and still looks like the day I bought it. I’m just wondering if there are any other people out there that have the same obsession for the Fiero???
My real classic[date=2019-07-11 timezone=“America/New_York”] is a “47” Dodge truck. Don’t see many of those around either, but apparently it’s still very sought after. Every time I drive it people take pics and always ask if it’s for sale. The answer is always the same, No. You see Chevy’s and Ford’s all the time but never a Dodge. Kinda makes it more special.

There was another thread about Fieros in the forums ages ago, and, if memory serves, many of the comments were positive on it.

I wasn’t sure why, but back then I liked them more than the Corvettes, Camaros, or Firebirds. I know, that’s sacrilege to most muscle car mavens at this forum, but there you have it.

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And, speaking on behalf of everyone, we would love to see pictures of either your Fiero or the Dodge truck.


I have an 86 GT 5 speed… Great car, loads of fun to drive.

I had a car lot in the 90’s and drove a red 88 for a while. I liked it though many burgers later, I don’t think I’d fit now.