Are you a fan of OEM Plus but didn’t know it?

It looks great, I can see why you loved that F-150!

The winter wheel/tire combo using OEM+ is a fantastic idea. If I didn’t live in the South, I would absolutely do that.

German luxury cars are pretty amazing for OEM+, mostly because its amazing what “they” got in Europe that we really shoulda had! :slight_smile:

For the Sienna, your best bet is finding the part number for the euro lenses and making them a saved search in eBay (make sure the saved search is global, not just the USA).

Thanks, I’d planned on getting a new truck in '04, but that year brought a major revision which I didn’t like as much. That left me rushing around in Spring '04 to see what new '03 trucks were still on the lots within 100 miles. Would be sooo much easier now, with most everyone listing inventory online.

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You are so right, Sajeev. I watch the old Top Gear with Jeremy, Richard and James and I’m always thinking, “Why can’t we have that!” And German cars are surprisingly easy to work on. They seemed to make them to be taken apart and serviced. My first Mercedes, 2 of them now, and I love them. After I bought the 500, hadda have a V12, so I found a 98 SL600 with pano roof. Man, if you can love a car, I love that one. If I had to choose between it and the XJR, it would be like choosing between my children!

Thanks for the contact. Great subject and article.


Glad you liked it! I had a feeling the OEM+ school of thought would go over well with the Hagerty Community.