Are you man enough for a Cougar?


An alluring woman wearing far too much makeup swings open the driver’s door of the new-for-1967 Mercury Cougar and whisper-shouts a challenge to men across America: “Cougar! If you’re man enough!”

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Nice article! Happy to see the correct 1970 Eliminator production numbers used (2,268).
One typo correction: Kathy Kirby owns the competition orange 1970 Eliminator.

Can’t wait to read part 2!

Mike B.
Eliminator Owner and Enthusiast


Well, I’m not sure that I’d qualify myself as “man enough”, but I’ve had quite the fascination with cougars over the years. I do, however, have to admit that I lean towards the later generations with the IRS and 5.0 - Those models just seem to have my number.


@Mike_B Thanks for the catch, we’ve updated the story.


Photo of Don Rush’s turquoise '67 is mine. Feel free to keep it there, but credit would be nice (Andrew Chenovick).

P.S. That video is one of the most bizarre, ridiculous car ads I’ve ever seen! :rofl:


Mike B, you are the man. Yes I believe I’m “Man enough for a cougar”1970 Blue![001 Boss 302 E-Cat.


LOL! Thanks for saying so :slight_smile:
By the way… the Eliminator in that picture is a 428CJ. Shhh… >.>