As Broncos and Defenders keep climbing, Blazers, Suburbans, and F-Series come into vogue


Vintage trucks and SUVs are still hot. According to the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating, more than half of the Top 25 vehicles in the ranking fall under that designation. And, for now, many of these up-and-comers are still affordable. The most expensive vehicle on the list is just $35,000, and many are below $10,000, which means that the entry-level market remains robust and booming. (All prices reflect average values for #3, or “good”, condition vehicles.)

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The top 25 is missing the boat. 2004 f150 SVT lightning, factory supercharged, Ac, PW, cruise, service at any ford dealer, parts everywhere, and cheap to buy


When are the Scout IIs going to take off “officially?” They’re undoubtedly rising but is it a lack of rust-free supply and auction sales that keep them off these lists?


You’re right to have Scouts on your radar. Looking through Hagerty’s valuation data, Scouts have generally followed the same trend as other vintage trucks and have gradually gotten more expensive and garnered more buyer interest. The thing is, they don’t have the same brand recognition as Broncos, Blazers or even Ramchargers and parts aren’t as readily available, so while they have been getting more attention, they haven’t been as hot as some of the more mainstream vintage trucks. Until things like Broncos and Blazers get expensive enough for people to turn to other similar vehicles, we expect Scouts to continue to lag a bit.


While I see that the newer Land Rover Defender is on the list, what about the older 1948-1980 Series Land Rovers. I see very few around.


Good Morning! So, out of curiosity, How are the MGB/GT 68-73 chrome bumper, and 1974.5-1980 rubber bumper cars ranking? I grew up driving this brand in the mid 70’s- 80’s. I recently purchased a 1969 MGC Roadster (Six Cylinder 3.0L), where does this “C” model rank? The seller also included an Over Drive which is not installed, is there any designation for this option?


MGs in general have mostly been flat, with some bigger decreases for early cars (Ts and As). Bs have dropped very slightly, whereas Cs have been pretty much flat. While we don’t have any notes about a value bump for overdrive, having a car equipped with it is a selling point and probably worth installing. I know I wish I had OD on my TR6!


So, are your car picks from numbers collected of cars being insured, and that creates the basis for the list?
With some exceptions most of the cars on these lists seem newer than 1980 and MG ceased production by1980 and Triumph not far behind it. I do understand the MGB was produced for many years 1962-80, and over 500K variants were produced.