As the Toyota FJ40 market settles, now might be the time to buy

How times have changed for the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. Once upon a time, the FJ40 was an old farm hand, a rugged master of function that may have lacked modern amenities but could always be counted on to get the job done, even if that job was on another continent—and maybe even featured on the pages of National Geographic. (That’s where I remember first seeing one, anyway.)

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As a wag from the Sports Car Market letter stated ‘A Jurassic suspension that isn’t exactly highway happy, but it WILL climb a tree’
BTW - we are finishing a beige 75 with an upgraded 3E (injected) engine if anyone is interested.

Was looking for one 4-5 years ago but learned there are few automatics and few power steering ones. Went with a Gen I Blazer instead so my wife and daughter could drive it.

Send me info on the one you’re restoring

I’d be interested in your restoration as well.

Upgraded Power steering and new winch next week before listing my very favorite! :confused:

This is a good article but fails to mention a critical factor in FJ40 downward price trends, IMPORTS! There are now thousands of 40-series trucks in the US that have been imported from Central and South America and other countries. Supply has exceeded demand due to this glut of incoming FJ25’s FJ40’s, BJ40’s, FJ43’s, FJ45’s, etc. The imported trucks do not adhere to US EPA or Safety standards of the day so do your homework. For all things Land Cruiser check out Land Cruiser Nation - www.lcnation.com

I’ve been into these fine vehicles since 2005, if you are serious about getting one, the above post is spot on, market is flooded with imports often with substandard work.
Most of these are lacking common U.S.A. items, such as a padded dash and roll bar.
Another item to watch out for is flippers, that “restore” one with no knowledge of OEM components.
Stainless generic bolts, and silky smooth body panels are pet peeves. Toyota left the spot weld dimples, and used flanged anodized, or body color bolts.
If you are buying a modified FJ, then expect this stuff, but don’t accept it on a “restored” truck.
Butch Baker


The beautiful red Cruiser needs to reroute his exhaust up above the skid-plate where there is a spot provided for it.

Actually I think it is a 76. Frame off powder coated frame, quality repaint and replace most everything.

3E engine is fuel injected and much better at altitude. Smog in 76 was terrible. Original engine comes with it.

Finished summer

Let me know if you want more info

Toby Baly

BTW - 3E engine professionally rebuilt

would love to talk more about the resto you’re working on. What’s your email?

I’ve got a 1976 FJ40 4 sale for $21K