Aston Martin set to unveil the first DB4 GT Zagato Continuation at Le Mans

Aston Martin will use the occasion of the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans race on June 15 to reveal the first completed car of the 19 DB4 GT Zagato Continuation cars it will be making, to be sold as part of the $7.64 million DBZ Centenary Collection, which also includes a DBS GT Zagato.

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So just to be clear on this, how much will the DBZ track version and the DB4GT on the road price be then ? Yes I know if you have to ask you can not afford it. But apparently index linked price from early 60s put the DB4/5 price today at less than £70,000. Granted without modern comforts and safety features. It’s not like you can pick one up after a few years for a reduced price. These will be locked away as investments like an oil painting done by an grand master.

It seems to me that these continuation cars, including the 25 D-Type Jags being made by Jaguar Classic would pose somewhat of a problem with valuations and insurance values of the originals.
It would be interesting to know how Hagerty for example would insure them. Are they 60’s era classics or are they 2020 Aston-Martins. I understand that they are made to clearly distinguish them from the originals, but would it be difficult to remove those distinguishing items?
And what would a “used” 2020-1962 Aston-Martin DB4 GT Zagato sell for? Is it worth what the originals are worth? Built by the same company using the same methods using similar parts 58 years later? Not that I could ever afford either, but these are questions that cross my mind with “continuation” cars.

Continuations are no new thing. Shelby has been producing continuation Cobras for years as CSX4000 and higher serial numbers. They’re all considered 1965 models.

Based on the way the market has behaved with the Cobra continuations. They have done little to nothing to affect values of original cars. People who are in the market for original cars will still want originals and a continuation is not even a consideration for them. I believe we will see the same thing with the Jaguars and Astons.