At 70, George Poteet still has records to break.


George Poteet speaks slowly with a relaxed southern accent, drawing out the syllables as he talks cars and racing, his favorite subjects. “Chev-ruh-lay,” he says, and, “Bonn-uh-vull.” He’s about six feet tall, clean shaved, with close-cropped silver hair. He comes across as gentle but focused. It’s not hard to imagine him dishing out advice and support from the sidelines of a basketball court as a coach, a profession his sister chose. It’s more difficult to imagine George in a fireproof racing suit and scalloped, metal-flake helmet, stuffed into the cockpit of a streamlined land speed car barely wider than his shoulders, calmly preparing to run in what he calls “a five-mile drag race” at more than 400 mph. That’s exactly what he plans on doing—for the 46th time—this August at Bonneville Speed Week. And that’s where he was in 2012 when I first met him, the year he made 12 passes, each at more than 400, in one of the fastest wheel-driven cars in the world, his “Speed Demon.”

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