Auction Recap - Mecum Seattle 2015


Mecum concluded its second annual sale in Seattle, Wash., on June 6 with $9,316,080 in total sales. Of the 578 lots on offer, 274 lots were sold, a sell-through rate of 47 percent. The average sale price was $34,000. Numbers were down across the board from the sale last year, when Mecum achieved $14,788,549 in total sales, a sell-through rate of 50 percent (304 sold of 606 offered) and an average price of $48,647. At least some of this decrease can be attributed to the fact that 2014 was Mecum’s first time in Seattle. Last year's sale was also largely built around a Hemi Cuda convertible that brought $3.78 million. 2015 just didn't have any lots that were comparable.

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