Auction results for the 2019 Arizona Auction Week

The 2019 Auction season is here, and Arizona Auction Week in Scottsdale and the surrounding Phoenix area sets the tone for the rest of the year. And we have the results and analysis for every auction house, updated daily. Come back for nightly recaps as well as an overall summary when the final lot crosses the block. You can also follow the auction results live with the Hagerty Insider app on your iPhone or iPad.

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I hate to complain and I really REALLY don’t like being “that guy”, but does anyone else find the Saturday entrance price to Barrett-Jackson of $80 a little high for one adult ?. I really like to go as a family as it encourages the discussion and love for Classic Automobiles, but even just taking my wife along (without the two kids) takes it to $160. This year will be the first year we don’t attend, because as a family there is a need to save those pennies. It is saddening.


I agree 100% Barrett-Jackson has turned into a circus for the wealthy.

Hey thanks for the knowledge. I will stay home to buy online or bid by phone just not from the site. May also save money by not getting caught up in the frenzy.