Audi Unintended Acceleration - Podcast


I wanted to thank you for your recent podcast on the above topic. It was fascinating to hear the background from the PR person who was living it up close, and the dialogue going on behind the scenes. I hope we don’t see days like that again, although Tesla does come to mind. I am rooting for Elon but the media magnifying glass must be so much more difficult than it was in 1986. Thanks for digging into this.


@roberj - Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.

I am also quite curious how the Tesla autopilot crashes will be viewed in the future. The way they are marching forward with the developments they have is very unique. I can’t think of any other modern manufactures that had to actively be a part of or fight the regulatory process while also trying to market a vehicle. Interesting time for sure!


So true about the looking back at our present day challenges. Elon points out that there are multiple other vehicle accidents that are never mentioned but the Tesla is front page news. Not for the faint of heart is breaking trail into the future. Am I ready to own a Tesla? In fact I am, although the budget will not be there for some years, and I want to keep my collector cars. Auto pilot-ready? Not so much…