Austria’s Magna-Steyr museum is full of strange, forgotten, and fantastic treasures

On paper, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Jaguar I-Pace have as much in common as an oak tree and a cactus. They move people from point A to point B, but they’re two completely different answers to the same question. And yet, each traces its roots to the same company based in Graz, Austria.

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Well who knew? Despite the best efforts by a few European manufacturers, the Aztek is still the ugliest SUV ever!

Where exactly is the museum as I will want to visit it during my trip to Austria next year?


@johnst783 - Just outside Graz, Austria. Google calls the address “Liebenauer Hauptstraße 317, 8041 Graz, Austria.”

Interesting. There is another nearby http://www.kraftfahrzeugmuseum.at/index.html
This one has 400+ cars from manufactures all over the world.

Is there a web site for the Magna-Steyr museum? - I found the Johann Puch museum, with similar roots about 5 KM away - https://www.johannpuchmuseum.at/kontakt/

Too bad they did not cover their Pinzgauer - I drive a 1974, and it is the standard utility vehicle of the UK Army. It has also been adopted by the US Delta Force. A 1 ton truck with 4WD, locking front and rear differentials, high & low range for the 5 speed gearbox. To quote the owners manual, “Your ability to climb a slope is limited by your tire traction.” I have found this to be true.

Thank you!


You guys have a picture of the mirror from the Military Panda mixed in with the Styr Type 50 and the header on this article (replies page) says “What has the Pontiac Aztek to do with the Fiat 500”. ?? If you need an editor, let me know…

@bryfry62 - Sharp eye. It looks like that mirror photo was mis-labeled when uploaded. We are getting that correct now.

Great recommendation - a bit tough to find but worth the effort- loved the Chrysler 300C/Magnum wagon. Amazing all the manufacturers that Magna supplies or produces entire cars for!