Automakers are striking out on chances at greatness

I was a fan of the Taurus up until the last 2 generations of it. Yours looks nice.

Re: fish slap to Toyota for current Tacoma

Agreed. All of the Asian manufacturers DO make small pickups, but none bring them over here.

Past cars I’ve owned that I would buy again new today?

1983 Celica GTS liftback
1984 Celical GTS coupe
1984 Supra P
1973 240Z
1971 Pontiac T-37
1973 Grand Prix
1970 340 Duster
1970 Road Runner convertible
1971 SS 454 El Camino

I could go on and on. The point here is each and every one of these cars had distinct personalities and were awesome in their own ways.

An earlier post mentioned a car executive saying to a car club, “You are not the market” True that! I am definitely NOT the market.
Re: Totally missing out on greatness? Fish/Raw Chicken slap to Lexus. Those faces! Yikes! What ARE they smoking? Their LFA might be the exception, but so rare as to be irrelevant. SUV’s and pickups are a snooze imho. On the rare occasions when I drive them, I always think that walking is FAR more fun. I just get tired of trying to see around them when the soccer moms stop in the crosswalks at intersections. I’m with reader bholt1953 That Riviera is Ssstylin.

When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s, we couldn’t wait until the end of September when the new cars hit the showrooms. Nowadays, I couldn’t care less. Unless you’re talking about performance cars that cost more than my house and I can’t afford the depreciation, all the excitement seems to be for the mommy car crossovers. Yuck! I miss the days when people bought 4WD trucks, Jeeps, Broncos, Blazers, Scouts, etc. to actually go off road or deal with snowy winters instead of not needing one but thinking you are cool for having one. And the way they’re gussied up, you don’t dare use it off road. I miss the days when we knew better than to put loud exhaust on a 6cyl engine; even diesels sound horrible. I never thought the day would come when a 4 door sedan was a flagship performance car. Got to have a backseat for the kids, or, I need to have the extra doors for my friends. And pick ups are getting ugly with their gaudiness. In comparison, they make a 59 Cadillac look like stripped down back lot special.
Time marches on, things have changed and the young people can have it. Their taste, their time. I’ll keep my love for the old American iron with a little here and there from England, thank you.

@timkuehl2000 - it sure I understand the distaste for four-door performance cars. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard the story about how a person listed after a Ram Air III Pontiac but couldn’t have it because of the family… i’d Have enough money to buy the 415hp G8 GXP with a stick, and have just enough for a second pair of rear tires—which I would need shortly after.

I agree with most of what you said. However, I must take a bit of an exception to your statement about loud exhausts on six-cylinder engines. I seem to remember that six cylinder engines could sound wonderful, as long as the manifold was split.

I was specifically referring to the Cummins powered Dodge trucks that sound absolutely horrible and seem to be laboring instead of having the sound of power. To me the harmonics of any engine other than a V8 are wrong to create a good sound. I suppose a V10 isn’t bad so won’t criticize but not to my taste. The split manifolds may be different on an inline 6 but nobody had one that I can remember. As an exception to the 6cyl theory, I had a customer with a 97 Mustang 3.8 with really good sounding duals and was surprised it was a 6. My daughter bought a Saturn Sky that has some kind of aftermarket exhaust that sounds good when idling. That breaks the rule for loud 4cyl exhaust but when gets to a certain RPM range when accelerating it becomes the typical 4cyl noisemaker. I took the tacky bling off it so it looks like an adult owns it. She hasn’t driven it in a year and if she keeps it I’m hoping she will let me restore the exhaust back to stock or at least something less obnoxious.
When I hear some of the noisemakers kids drive these days I am appreciative of the 1972 Midas Muffler commercial of old where the “babe” in the Stingray motions really sexy like to the middle age guy in the loud 63 Ford next to her at a stoplight and yells, “Your muffler, fix it!” Then the biker comes up and tells the guy, “Man, you are really a menace to society.”

“Keep it simple stupid” Nice phrase and very true. The Suzuki Samurai was it. If they imported them now as they were the would overwhelm the market. Cheap, simple, reliable, and tuff. Of course government regulations would prohibit this.


Isn’t the modern one called the Suzuki Jimney or Jitney?


Thanks for the clarification, Tim(?).

I wasn’t specific in referring to 6 cylinder engines. I’m in my seventies and, when thinking about nice sounding sixes, I immediately think of in-line sixes of my youth. With a split-manifold, an inline six could sound very, very nice. Maybe not as nice as a flathead V8, but still very nice.

Not many people actually bothered splitting a six’s manifold and, if not, never seemed to achieve any pleasant sound.



I know it was called by those names in other countries, but believe it was sold only as the Samurai here in the U.S. I think 1991 or 2 was the last year they were sold here.