Automakers are striking out on chances at greatness

I was a fan of the Taurus up until the last 2 generations of it. Yours looks nice.

Re: fish slap to Toyota for current Tacoma

Agreed. All of the Asian manufacturers DO make small pickups, but none bring them over here.

Past cars I’ve owned that I would buy again new today?

1983 Celica GTS liftback
1984 Celical GTS coupe
1984 Supra P
1973 240Z
1971 Pontiac T-37
1973 Grand Prix
1970 340 Duster
1970 Road Runner convertible
1971 SS 454 El Camino

I could go on and on. The point here is each and every one of these cars had distinct personalities and were awesome in their own ways.

An earlier post mentioned a car executive saying to a car club, “You are not the market” True that! I am definitely NOT the market.
Re: Totally missing out on greatness? Fish/Raw Chicken slap to Lexus. Those faces! Yikes! What ARE they smoking? Their LFA might be the exception, but so rare as to be irrelevant. SUV’s and pickups are a snooze imho. On the rare occasions when I drive them, I always think that walking is FAR more fun. I just get tired of trying to see around them when the soccer moms stop in the crosswalks at intersections. I’m with reader bholt1953 That Riviera is Ssstylin.