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There is an easy, straightforward way to approach electrical troubleshooting, and it’s astonishing how many people don’t know it.

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Really enjoyed reading “Automotive Electrical Issues” in this weeks Hagerty Forum. I thought WOW…not sure I understood all your terms and procedures but was sure interesting. Glad I own a '47 Chevy almost all original. Last week my horn started acting up and hated to open the hood to see what was going wrong. Well with my wife’s help (she hit the horn while I was under the hood). Yep I could hear a click as she hit the horn. So I new it wasn’t the battery and when I finally found the relay…it had 3 wires connected (2 to the battery and one to the horn). After cleaning them off and putting them back on the rely the horn was better than ever. I love the classics as problems are easier to fix. LOL


Can you help me with starter issues?


I’m just new in Hagerty


@Macolese - We can try and help with your starter issues, post a new topic in the Maintenance and Repairs describing the issues you are having and hopefully we have a solution.