Autonomy vs Public Transportation


I have been a member of Hagerty For a long time and I read the news letters from cover to cover while waiting in anticipation for the next one to arrive.
After reading the May/June newsletter that covered self driving vehicles I thought about these types of vehicles on the road and my opinion of the impact they will have.
I am against self driving cars being on the road for several reasons. To me if you are into autonomy then you either don’t like to drive, don’t know how, or just plain shouldn’t be driving in the first place. This is what public transportation is for and always has been. There are far too many vehicles on the road today and the numbers are climbing and most are filled with people who shouldn’t have a license to drive at all. I am 58 years old and own and drive nothing but classics. I know it took me many years of practice to get to where I am today with driving. I wasn’t perfect at it the second I got behind the wheel for the first time and now many years latter I am far more cautious and aware of my surroundings as I drive even the mile it takes me to go to the grocery store. I look back and think how easy it was to obtain a drivers license as it is today. The U.S. seems to hand out a drivers license to anyone who wants one with very little to no experience. My apologies if I offend anyone, but this includes people from foreign countries who’s driving style does not work well here in the U.S., people with major medical issues such as my extremely obese cousin, and the elderly frail gentleman I helped at the doctors office get into the drivers seat of his vehicle who couldn’t stand on his own as well as many other reasons in my cynical opinion. Again, this is what public transportation is for. I wish the U.S. would tighten the laws by starting out with a drivers test, both written and driving, every time you have to renew your license. This will also keep eligible drivers up on the laws both new and reminders of existing. I also believe this will help with our infrastructure problems. Instead of adding more lanes and roads at a cost that keeps our existing structures in poor and failing conditions and a constant rise in our taxes just work on laws that keep people from behind a drivers wheel who shouldn’t be there in the first place. I share stories of bad drivers with my classic car owner friends all the time as I am sure we all do. While we cannot stop progress and never should I just don’t believe autonomous vehicles is the answer.
Thank you,
Robin Blanchard