Back in the ‘60s, dealers bulked up factory muscle to create street-racing monsters

Eric M. Schiffer has been grooming the same mustache for four decades. He’s a doctor now—a chiropractor with a sizable practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan. At 68 years old, he’s been married to his wife, Janis, for 43 years. They have two grown children, both attorneys, and four grandchildren.

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You guys know this didn’t stop after the 60s, right? Do some research on Summit Ford in Kansas City and their Stage 3 Dominator Mustangs. Or Tommie Vaughn Ford down in Texas and the GT40-ized 5.0’s they were selling in the late 80s. I’d bet there were Chevy, Pontiac and Buick dealers doing the same back then.

Love the cars featured, but you’re just re-telling a story that’s already been told a hundred times. Let’s hear something new.

"Only they weren’t called muscle cars back then. That term didn’t take hold until the 1980s. Dig through a stack of old car magazines, and you won’t find the term “muscle car” even once. "

Great article, but this is completely false. I have a huge vintage magazine collection from that era and musclecar/Muscle Car is used on more than one occasion.

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Great article. Here in central Idaho, a member of our car club has original ‘Nickey’ Camaro that he
brings out to car shows once in awhile. He also has magazine write-up articles on his car. These
cars are great to see and remind you of times gone by.

I grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan and was a car nut long before I could drive. We listened to Chicago AM radio stations (WLS and WCFL) and the Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge and Nickey Chevrolet ads were non-stop. My cousin and I weren’t “allowed” to like those cars as my Uncle Arnie was the local Ford dealer … but we secretly did anyway! :wink: The Nickey jingle was “Nickey (4 times), Nickey Chevrolet, with the backward K!!”. And yes, their dealer stickers and print advertising did feature an oversized backward letter K. My Chicago uncle ordered probably the most bizarre car Chevrolet ever built thru Nickey … a 1965 Impalla 4 door hardtop, six cylinder, 3 speed on the tree, NO power steering or brakes or radio or whitewalls but air conditioning and tinted glass and a tissue dispenser - they were retiring to Florida. That car could do 0 to 60 in 3 hours, 14 minutes flat! Thanks for the memories! :-).

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@desryan20 - Okay, if you have the proof… show us? Why make us take your word if you have hard evidence?

As Michigan legend Bob Seger noted:

The pony cars are cruisin’ on Woodward Avenue
Go and try to pass’em
They’ll smoke you if you do

I remember those great Grand scalding dodge commercials on WLS as a kid . Lived in rockford ,il and saw their ads placed in sundays sun times . I felt the luckiest kid alive , had a fake id and drove all those muscle cars i could get my hands on. Took my dad on a demo in a 69 shelby GT . Sad that my dad refused to co-sign for me at the time . I go to auctions every yr and still drool over these cars every chance i get !!

May 1970 Hot Rod Magazine, test of the LS6 Chevelle:

here is a link to a PDF of the article: