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This board is dedicated to submissions for the “Back in the Day” section in the Hagerty print magazine. Our goal for this section is to publish vintage photography that highlights a moment in automotive history. We’re hoping to uncover old photos that have been tucked away your attics and basements. You must own the rights to the photos and it is encouraged that they are high-quality in resolution. This space will also give other members the opportunity to chime in with any insight they may have about the submitted photographs.


Photo of Pete Brock and his Hino Contessa 1300 Coupe, 1965, before the BRE Datsuns, and tells the story of why he called it “Team Samurai”.


Photo: Pete Brock in the #93 Hino Contessa 1300 Coupe, class C-Sedan, entering turn 7 at Riverside International Raceway, July 24, 1965, National Championship Races, California Sports Car Club region of the Sports Car Club of America.
Note the Japanese flag on the front fender, and the words Team Samurai (hard to read in this photo) above it. They called it Team Samurai in honor of the strong samurai tradition in northern Japan where the Hino’s were made. In the same race was Pete’s team member Robert Dunham, Hino #51. The Hino chassis was built loosely on the Renault Dauphine, built under license by Hino, with an inline 4-cylinder engine in the rear.

Photo taken with my Exakta 35mm SLR.
Eric Seltzer, Sparks, NV

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One of the successful, small race car builders in the 1960’s and 1970’s was Le Grand Race Cars in Southern California, started by Alden “Red” Le Grand. Starting in 1973 I helped Red develop a new B-Sports Racing car, the Mk 16 Le Grand. I later also became his “Marketing Director”, an unpaid position I did just to help him out. Here are some photos of the Mk 16 under development, and on the racetrack. Photo 1: Red Le Grand sitting in the Mk 16 tub under construction, 1973, North Hollywood, CA… Photo 2: The completed Mk 16 chassis with Cosworth BDG 2.0L engine and Hewland FT200 gearbox, 1973, Van Nuys, CA. Photo 3: Mk 16 in Willow Springs Raceway pits, driver Bruce Eglinton, Red Le Grand leaning over car. Photo 4: Mk 16 testing at Willow Springs Raceway, 1974, Johnny Kastner driving.Enjoy the photos. Eric Seltzer, Sparks, NV.


Photo 2, Le Grand Mk 16


I’ve heard of Le Grand cars, but rarely see pics. The thing looks wicked light. I can only imagine how quick the car was with the Cossie 2L!


Eric, thank you so much for the submission. It was a pleasure using your photos to craft a story. Always appreciate you insight and wonderful photography.


Here’s an additional photo I took of the Le Grand Mk 16 B-Sports Racing car during testing at Willow Springs Raceway, 1974. Johnny Kastner driving, he was a Jim Russell Driving School instructor and successful SCCA racer. I Eric Seltzer, Sparks, NV