Baldwin-Motion Supercars


Among the dealership-based supercar builders of the 1960s and ’70s—including Yenko, Nickey, Grand Spaulding Dodge, and Royal Pontiac (to name a few)—the most outrageous builder of true street terrors was Baldwin-Motion. Taking nothing away from the Grand Spaulding 1967 Dart GSS or Yenko COPO Camaro, the Baldwin-Motion cars were on a whole different level with their made-to-order custom builds.

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Great article on the lesser known dealership, performance shop pairing. I always liked the reverse scallop paint job that adorned the Vegas and Camaros. Gotta love those bombastic hood scoops too!


Baldwin-Motion was definitely more outgoing with their branding and to me that is a good thing!


@62comet - Any feedback on how to spice it up? I found this to be a very informative article about some cool muscle cars.


@62comet - Thanks for the quick feedback! It will be forwarded to the author.