Bare-Bones Muscle Cars - Entry-Level Muscle


Muscle cars exist for one reason: To get down a straight two-lane blacktop as quickly as possible. But automakers have long paired performance options with convenience or luxury features, which invariably increase price and weight. And they’re easy to justify. After all, air conditioning and power switches are handy and only decrease speed marginally.

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Around 1977 I knew a lovely young woman who had a silver Tempest T-37, the only one I’ve ever seen. It had a 3" chrome emblem behind the wheel arch on the front fenders that said “T-37”. That was it. Talk bout understated. She told me her husband had bought her the car and she didn’t know what anything about the “T-37”. Fantastic yet it’s all true!


That’s a great memory. I personally love understated cars simply because if the other person knows what you’ve got, it really shows that they know their stuff!


I too had a 1971 T-37, gold over tan, 350, TH350. Thoroughly enjoyed that car. Truly understated, ran extremely well, and was a solidly built car. It had bias belt tires when I bought it and tended to wander. I put a set of radials on it along with chrome wheels and baby moons. After that, I absolutely loved it. Great car and great memories.