Bargain-bought 2001 Trans Am WS6 is outrageous in all the right ways

This 2001 Trans Am that sold at RM Sotheby’s Auburn Fall sale might not have been the best bargain at the event, but it’s close. With a #4 (fair) value of $15,200, this 86,000-mile WS6 drop-top has some rock chips but appears to be in solid condition. It’s an automatic, which puts a 10-percent ding in the price, although with low miles and such a clean interior, this car looks like it was well bought.

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Okay, let’s try this again. I posted a comment here yesterday and it’s gone. I don’t see the value you see in these Trans Am WS6 convertible. I have a 2000 Trans Am WS6 convertible with 13,000 kilometres on it. Been trying to sell it at $29,000 Canadian and I can’t generate any real interest. What gives?

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Everyone wants the new body or nothing. Very thin market that appreciate the WS6, Most people see it as a sign of the 90s.

Not selling. Very much enjoying. It’s been in the family since Day 1.

Your asking price of 29,000 CAD is obviously too high if it is not generating any interest. The black car in the article sold for 9,900 USD (around 12,800 CAD). The low kilometres on your car is very impressive, but is it worth 16,000 CAD more? Add sales tax and you are around 32,770 CAD for instance if you live in Ontario. As a comparison, two years ago, my wife bought a brand new 2017 Mustang V6 convertible with all factory options for 39,900 CAD including taxes, 8 year bumper to bumper extended warranty and 0% financing. Not a good time to sell a convertible in Canada anyway, good luck next Spring.

Thats a great deal for that beautiful low miler… mine is a 95 with 41 kms on it and I’m also finding the Canadian market less than enthusiastic at the moment. People forget that these cars ramped up the pony wars exponentially in the 90’s, and took back the decade long title from the fox body mustang and never looked back. Also they’re a total blast to drive and cruise around in. Maybe the soft market is a blessing in disguise. See how it looks in 5-10 years…

It’s not a popular color, and if its automatic, then you’re at a severe disadvantage.

can’t you buy a same year Corvette for much less than 20k?

29k CAD sounds like double price I’m afraid for this ‘snout-nosed’ model :confused:

gfines66, I’m afraid you answered your own question when you posted your asking price.

Bring it down to Long Island this weekend. You’ll probably have to buy a plane ticket to get back home.

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"There’s a saying amongst Camaro fans: “It’s easier to make a third-gen fast than a fourth-gen pretty.”

Never heard that saying; as a 4th-gen Z28 convertible owner I think I would recall if I heard it. Nor do I understand the sentiment; I think that all of the first 4 generations of Camaro look good in their own way, and as compared to the standards of their time. Perhaps the earliest 2nd-gens look the best to my eyes, with their Euro-esque styling, but I also like a nice 1969, or 1987, or 2002, for example. And, I do get a lot of compliments on my well-preserved 2002 Camaro, for sure. So, maybe that anti-4th-gen sentiment is not as widespread as some think.

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Is the t top or convertible the one that will go up the most,

Well sorry to burst your bubble but I sold a MINT 1994 Corvette in Competition yellow just a few weeks ago. Had it listed all summer and I got about half what your asking for that T/A. And yes there is more market for the Vette then the Pontiac…nice looking car but there is enough competition amongst other cars someone is looking for to make your asking well above market norms…good luck selling I hope you get your price…but I’d be shocked if it sold to someone N America for that price! Maybe advertise it overseas…

Both the 3rd and 4th generation Camaros are nothing to write home about. At least the 4th gen didn’t have the Flexi-flyer body of the gen 3 whose massive hatch made structural rigidty a concept rather than a reality. Add T-tops and things get even worse. The gen 4 TransAm coupe looks better inside and out, and even with a 700R4 can deliver the mail with a little tuning and go around corners with alacrity.

RM Sotheby’s Addendum: Please note that CARFAX reports that this car was involved in an accident.

And then there’s that.