Barn-find 1962 Jaguar E-type Series I Coupe awakens from 35-year cat nap


In 1983, a rare right-hand-drive Jaguar E-type 3.8 coupe was parked in a barn in Scotland. There it rested for 35 years, away from public view, its shapely curves collecting dust and grime under the pitter patter of periodic rain on the barn roof. Now coming out from the drawn-out hibernation, the car appears almost entirely original aside from a different paint job and a sliced beets jar in place of the windshield washer reservoir. Oh, Britain.

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There’ll always be an England.


I currently own four original barnfnd Jaguars which have been out of circulation for over forty-five years, including a 1959 XK150 Fixed Head Coupe and a 1961 XK150 Drop Head Coupe, and a 1968 E-Type Roadster (OTC) and a 1961 Flat Floor E-Type Fixed Head Coupe.
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