Barn-find Buick Grand National “twins” pop up for sale on eBay


Barn finds are near and dear to our hearts, and a gem of one is adding a new chapter to its story. Last year, news emerged about a pair of sequentially numbered 1987 Buick Grand Nationals, which were found after a long period of storage. At the time, they were supposedly sold through private hands for an unknown amount, though the asking price of $200,000 for the matched set certainly generated substantial online discussion.

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I’m really curious that these just came out of nowhere and are listed again. I would have figured the seller would have tried to capitalize on the hype from last year or gone to a site like Bring a Trailer.


I’m curious as well. I have been observing a soft turbo Buick market for a couple years, and with a reported purchase price of $200,000 last spring, I would be shocked to see much of a profit for cars that were already bought well over market.


Reserve was met. Sold for $205,700


Wow, 227 bids from 45 different bidders. It looks like that price was well-validated.


Pretty impressive. Really makes me wonder what they went for last year, and if this seller turned a profit.


Asking price was $200,000 last year. I can’t imagine the seller budged much. I think that it just goes to show that the market for two low mile, sequentially numbered Grand Nationals is about $200,000. Broken up, I think they’re significantly less valuable. The seller was wise to sell as a pair.