Barn Find Hunter: A new find around every corner


If you tell Tom Cotter, “Don’t expect to find any more cars in Midland, Texas, because they’re all gone,” be prepared to be proven wrong. In the newest episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom heads back to rattlesnake country to show you just what can be found just by driving around and looking.

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Not sure who does your sub-titles but you should fire them.
Other than that, some of the prices were ludicrous and some were reasonable and that’s more what I like to see in these videos, people willing to let stuff go and GET DONE !


Rat rod we don’t need to see…it would have been the best thing you looked at, the rest junk


@mrblixxx2000 - Sometimes those subtitles can be pretty far off. Sadly those are automatically generated by Youtube when the video uploads, we don’t create those.


I’m not trying to criticize Tom because I also get engines mixed up and he didn’t have a lot of time to spend so only made a quick observation but the V8 in the 40 Pontiac looked like either a Pontiac or maybe an Oldsmobile. It could have been a Cadillac, I’m not an expert on GM engines but it’s definitely not a Chevrolet. But then, you guys already knew that.


That Susan is a total crack-up. And knows her cars really well!


Where can we send info of possible locations for future shows?


@nsantos1973 - tips@hagerty.com will get to the information to Tom and our editorial team.