Barn Find Hunter: A stockpile of Fords and a paint save bonus


The Barn Find Hunter starts this episode in oil country, and Midland, Texas, treats Tom Cotter with a yard full of Fords sourced from the Midwest and South. Where did they all come from? A 500-mile radius when many scrap yards were crushing cars in the 1990s.

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Amazing! I’d never believe it if I had not seen it.


Wow!!! Where is this place located? I own a 61 ford galaxie four door. I noticed Tom has several 61 ford Galaxies in his lot. I would like to contact him for information for parts.


Here is some important info on cleaning Lacquer paint they left out.
1, you can only do this no more than 2 times before there is no paint left to buff.
2, dont do this unless your going to finish the job with sealing paint with a sealer or heavy wax job.
3, if not waxed or sealed it will quickly go back to what it looked like before so don’t do it if your not going to finish the job.
4, CLEAN the buffing pad!!! Dont let it build up on pad as this will burn paint and take off more than needed to clean paint. Only use enough compound to do job, more is not better.
5, do not do in sunlight or hot metal, this will burn paint and discolor paint beyond repair.
6, know that paint is thinnest in the edges so stay away from raised body lines and edges with pad. It will go right to the primer. Flat areas have more paint amd can take more buffing. But remember you only got about 1 buff job before you go through to primer depending on how bad paint is, how much paint was put on when painted, and if its been done before. So be carfull, clean pad often, use as little compound as possible, out of the sun on cool metal, stay away from edges, and wax or seal right after your done to stop it from fading away again. You really only have 1 shot to do this right and save all the paint as possible.
Also use as light as possible compound so you dont end up with scratches you cant get out with out buffing again and lose the rest of your paint. Good luck.


I believe Ford used enamel paint but your tips are spot on. I would like to have seen Tom use NuFinish which is the product advertised years ago where a guy took an old Volvo in the junk yard and brought the paint back with no rubbing. I know it was an advertisement and all but I used NuFinish on my daughter’s black 2006 Mountaineer and was amazed at the result and how long it lasted.