Barn Find Hunter: Custom Volkswagens and an Ed Roth paint job discovered in Utah

On the hunt for long-forgotten cars? Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter is the expert, but as he’ll tell you, developing a nose for vintage metal is all about practice and good habits. During his search in Utah, Tom loads up his yellow Ford woodie wagon and explores St. George, but he knows better than to just drive down every street with no plan. So what does he do? Consults the local specialists, of course.

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Van’s are baaaack ! I’ve owned about 8 of them and want one more !

Hoooo, takes me back to '65 when I was collecting Rat Fink rings and skating on my Rat Fink (and Barefoot) skateboards. Three years before Tony Hawk was born and my uncle was still driving his '63 Studebaker GT Hawk

The Barn Find Hunter video & reader comments is one of my favorites. THANKS!!!

Wow, what a entertaining gentleman you discovered in Utah Tom…That episode could have gone on for another hour and a half I I would still be asking for more…The end with the engines running was the icing on the cake …Well done…