Barn Find Hunter - Dale Jarret's Former Crew Member Reveals His Collection


Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter has been hunting cars since he was 12 and has discovered more than his share of hidden gems. So when he says, “This is what dreams are made of,” you can take it to the bank.

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That was Awesome I wish that was a show on television!


Is this “article” limited to only three tiny paragraphs? Sure could have covered something interesting…or else not have printed it! Waste of my time reading NOTHING!


@lincole Sorry you feel that way. This is primarily a video story. The text serves mostly as an overview. Give the show a watch if you have a chance.


Lincole. Did you even watch the video before you made your unwanted comment?

Get the facts before you react like so many intolerant people.


I agree - watch the video then decide. Its just an overview to lead readers to watch it.