Barn Find Hunter: Denny’s trove of American classics


You didn’t think Tom Cotter’s barn-find adventures in Michigan were over, did you? Far from it. In this latest episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom finally heeds advice from several people and goes to visit Denny, “the guy with all the old cars.” Those tips proved to be both useful and the understatement of the year, as Denny’s collection is both large and impressive, spanning several different marques and automotive eras. Fords, Chevys, Oldsmobiles, Mercurys—they’re all at Tom’s fingertips. Under a few layers of dust, of course.

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I’m not a Buick guy, but I’d love to have that '58, 4 doors and all!


I’d buy that '63 Riv in a hot second at $3,500. What a beautiful design and the interior looked to be in tact. FYI, that Cougar CJ couldn’t have been a “302” car since the minimum engine for a Cougar of that vintage would have been an H code 351W 2V.


Love the video, as always, Tom, but I notice that in a lot of these reports you’re filmed on a cellphone while driving. In most jurisdictions recording stats, the use of devices while driving now exceeds drinking and driving as the lead cause of accidents, including fatalities. Should you be offering such a bad example?


I want that Ranchero!! Where in Michigan was this filmed?