Barn Find Hunter: Frankenstein coach-built Porsche just scratches the surface


By now it’s downright difficult to impress Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter, who in his many travels pulling back the cover on old cars has just about seen it all. But there’s no mistaking the absolute joy Tom feels when he wanders into Randy Carlson’s goofy menagerie of cars, none of which would ever be mistaken for a garage queen.

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The PushMe/PullYou Honda was at the 2017 Little Car Show In Pacific Grove, a support show of the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. It is very well done and an amazing piece of custom work and engineering. Very cool little car!


I’ve watched every Barn Find episode and would agree with Tom, this is by far my favorite. That guy Randy is my hero!! Just an awesome guy with such passion and knowledge for cars with so much history to go along with it all. Seems like a really good guy too which makes it all the more enjoyable. Thanks Tom for bringing this one to me and all for that matter.
Jim S.


I met Randy at the Little Car Show in Pacific Grove in 2018 - he was there with the VW Beetle and I spent a few minutes talking to him. Very cool car guy with a wide ranging knowledge of neat cars. I had no idea how many cool cars he has squirreled away but he is definitely an interesting character.


Since the filming of the episode, students at the Meisterschule fur Handwerken in Kaiserslautern have discovered original build photos of the car. The blueprints remain lost in the archives but images of its construction are awesome.





I have a 10 page Honda S600 convertible brochure.

If Randy is interested in it I could send it to him if he pays shipping via Canada Post.

Don Fedak


Great piece! Now the tune opening the video has given me an earworm and I can’t ID it. It may be just a creative hook or cover somebody did. Closest I can come is Straight On by heart but it is missing a note or two. If anyone can shed some light on the name of the tune (if there is one) that would be great.


Does the beige suitcase on the rear of Randy Carson’s 1932 Packard have on the little name plate by the handle “LANGMUIR LUGGAGE”, If so, it was made by my great grandfather’s company in Toronto that was in business for over 100 years closing in 1960. The design and hardware look familiar, so if it is a Langmuir piece I could provide more info on it if Randy was interested. Also, I understand that GR.Grandfather Matthew drove Packards.
Thank you
Martin Langmuir, Barrie, Ont. Canada


Randy =IS= one of the coolest car guys we’ve ever met! He just seems to be a REAL enthusiast, and never one word about “what it’s probably worth”. Would love to hang out with him and to just enjoy the rust & dust.
Keep up the good work! Thank you!