Barn Find Hunter gains a partner while scouring northern Michigan

Tom Cotter has turned the practice of finding classic cars into an art, but he still has to do the legwork to gain access to the great finds. In the latest episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom teams up with Davin Reckow of our Redline Rebuild series to uncover some iron in northern Michigan.

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I am wondering how to get a hold of either Tom Cotter or someone in the barn find Hunter program. I am interested in a vehicle that was in the show in this episode. If someone knows how to do that or knows the contact info please let me know.

Jonathan Ward (Icon) could turn some of these cars into some fabulous resto-mods or derelicts.

Right NOW I’m begging “collectors” to let most of your collections go to others who can fulfill your dreams for restoring these classics BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE !

Some nice stuff in this episode.

The way these “collectors” typically keep their collections (sinking into the earth and clearly open to the elements) tells me 2 things: They love and know vintage iron and have a passion to amass wonderful collections for all of us to ooogle. They also have no idea whatsoever how these rare cars deteriorate in such an environment. Which tells me one additional thing that I didn’t mention: They really have no concept of car collecting and what it means.

Yes, it’s a shame the tired but once-salvageable cars are left to rot in the elements. Seems like the owners won’t part or sell them, so instead they just deteriorate to junk. Mostly they’re not doing the hobby any favors.

I recently spotted a 1949 or 1950 Frazer with 1965 tags in a suburban driveway when I took a wrong turn in my own town. I think someone might have found it in the garage while renovating the house. My eyes are always open because you never know. I just have to work up the nerve to knock on the door. I don’t have money, space or mechanical ability but if they’ll take a reasonable offer I’ll drag it home and pass it on.

I’m so proud of Tom for getting through a 30 min episode without using the “R” word to describe any of the cars!!! All joking aside, loved the episode and glad Amy has some good people to help her with all the property she has to sell.

I know where some are… 64 ss imapla 283, mint, 69 camaro mint. one if the first 50 Porche carrerra prior to naming it such… All original 55 chevy belair convertible mint etc. all within 20 miles from Hagerty…My Dad was best of show winner at a venue with over 2600 vehicles… I’ve been around amazing cars my whole life.

Having just worked on my wife’s 66 beetle, I believe that the convertible which had 1300 on the engine cover is a 66. 66 was the only year of the 1300 motor

I love this show and think Tom’s great. Personally tho I wish they’d get a little more into the psychology of what’s going on. Are they hoarders? Or have a hard time admitting they’ll never get around to that project? So, Tom if you read this, try asking these guys, “Hey, why do you have all these cars in the first place?”