Barn Find Hunter: Homemade trucks, hot hatches, and everything in between


The dry weather in the southwestern section of the U.S. is often viewed as the place to go for finding cars. In the latest episode of our Barn Find Hunter video series, Tom Cotter resumes his quest to find interesting cars and ends up at the last exit before entering Mexico. Is the discovery worth the trip?

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Jeez Louise, who did the subtitles ?


The 1948 Chrysler New Yorker had a straight eight of 323 cubic inches. I read an article in a forty year old Car and Driver about what popular cars they were in some circles as daily drivers well into the '70s. They were truly outstanding in their quality and engineering relative to other cars of their era. Also, GLH Turbo wheels had round holes. The ones on the Omni were off of a later Mopar. The GLHS didn’t have round holes, but that wasn’t a GLHS.