Barn Find Hunter: K-codes and customs


Still chasing leads from a lunch stop in Midland, Texas, Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter follows a gravel road to Rolands Customs, where he is treated to a smorgasbord of vintage metal. Before he parks his Woodie wagon, Tom marvels in a view that includes everything from panel trucks to an airplane.

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What an enjoyable Barn Find Hunter episode…Guys, you don’t even have to edit these episodes…I could have watched the entire hour and a half and probably would still have wanted to see more…Keep them coming. Thanks Tom !!


That was FUN! Thanks Tom and crew for sharing Rolands Customs. So many vehicles and STORIES!


The fire engine is powered by an American-LaFrance version of the 1930-32 Auburn V12. When Auburn cratered along with the Cord organization, American LaFrance bought all the tooling for the V12. Upgraded the engine and used it into the 50’s


Good job guys ! I like how you are now asking if they will sell the “Classics” and let someone else make new memories.


Thanks. There are plenty of cars for everyone!


Thanks for clearing that up. Unusual drivetrain.


When you meet folks like Roland, the fun never stops!


I think I’m in love with the Land Rover at 16:16 … looks like an old Defender 110 or thereabouts. That would be a fun project!


Great video. Good job.


This is the best video series on the web. I love all of the video’s, please keep them coming ! Thanks Tom.


What a fantastic tour! I thoroughly enjoyed the short tour the place is amazing and I’m glad I don’t live near Texas because I would be there every single day. Thank you for taking the time to explain what a K code Mustang is, yes they are very rare and believe it or not I did used to own one many years ago. Of course hindsight is 20/20. I also have to agree with another post is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Love Haggerty


If memory serves, the 2 doors were called Anglia and the 4 doors were Prefects. My brother had a Prefect in high school and served as my “campaign manager” when I ran for student council. During an unauthorized “election parade” around the school grounds, I stood on the seat with my upper body up through the large sunroof, waving like the queen, wearing a tux and top hat. The outfit seemed to fit the vehicle. I did not win the election. cbc. Ontario, Canada.


@clelandcb - Now that is a look that fits the car!


There was a restored American La France like that running around central New York this summer. Very cool. Places that size need a quick shot from the air to give us more of an overview. We know Tom can’t talk about every one but a big look at the collection would be more fun.


Tomorrow at 11am there is going to be an auction in Pendergrass Ga. For an estate that includes a 65 mustang convertible.


Thanks Tom, One of the best i know how you feel when you see so many great cars it hard to not want to stop and look al everyone.