Barn Find Hunter kicks off Alaska trip with sweet 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1


When it comes to searching for old, forgotten cars, nobody likes to go off the beaten path like Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter. But this time Tom’s taste for adventure takes him way out in Alaska, where classic car culture is alive and well. You might remember Tom’s previous visit to Alaska with his 289 Shelby Cobra resulted in an unexpected encounter with a bear, courtesy of Fig Newtons. Would Alaska be so welcoming this time around? I joined Tom’s hunt to find out.

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When I watched the video, as you described the car I knew something wasn’t adding up. I own, and you insure, a 1971 Mach 1 VIN#1F05J136511 and have a Marti Report #5012, 429-4V CJ Ram Air, 4 Speed with Factory Air. According to the report it is a ONE ONLY because of the factory air and 4 speed. I’m guessing when the transmission, (and possible motor) change was done, that is when the air conditioning was added. I can provide all the documentation on request. I would like to know considering Marti has my car listed as a 1 of 1.


How could the car in the video be a '72 manufactured in Dec 1970, when typically 1971 models were first being produced in the fall of 1970 and the 1972 models would not be produced until the fall of 1971?


Marti can make any car a 1 of 1, if he sorts the options in the correct order. That said, there were definitely more than 1 71 Mach 1 CJ Ram Air Mach 1s with A/C and a 4 speed.


@jmmaly - Good question. The Marti Reports can tell a few stories depending on how they are arranged, but typically the color also factors into the 1-of-1 designation. Not knowing the original color of the car Tom came across, it might be the difference between it and yours.

Post a picture of yours here though, we would love to see it!


Wow I owned a 1971 Mustang fastback until the front passenger wheel went flying as I was driving :red_car: w/my very young brother at the time. I bought it from a dealership and the owner of the dealership would not do anything even after explaining that my younger brother and I were driving on the highway. We were very lucky.
Turns out the owner of the dealer ships son had the car and with the older rims never checked them to make sure they were secure.
Well I found out they we not… partly my fault looking back. Also it was only a 302…


Ya,your right Tom ,someone is going to say something about you not knowing which engine it is,390 or 460?? Lol… 390s have the intake as part of the head ,so you can tell by the valve cover bolted to both of them…which all FEs have…
I’m not mustang guy,but I don’t think they came with 460s…now you know.lol…np…