Barn Find Hunter: Oldsmobile heaven in the heart of Texas


Following a lead from Tom Cross, an owner he visited on last episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter continues his oil-country campaign and unearths more dust-covered classics in the hot and dry countryside near Midland, Texas. And he doesn’t have to drive far—just around the fence, in fact. There he finds “Oldsmobile heaven,” a collection of dozens of cars, both under cover and sitting outside.

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Yep, more classics with cancer. But hey, they’re in one place.


The Oldsmobile 88 Futuramic was actually their factory high performance combination of a Rocket V8 and a light body shared with Chevrolet and Pontiac from 1949-1950.


I wonder if that old fork truck has a Continental engine in it.


So how does one find out how to go about buying these. I restore 49-50 Olds and like to have these as my next project.


Good luck with those Buicks. The window of opportunity for those 50’s era Buicks is coming to a close very soon. I don’t care what one says about such and such car being rare. I’m 65 and while I could restore one I am far, far more interested in the cars of my youth from 1966-1972. The guys who owned these cars, when new, are getting to the point of unloading as their age makes it too prohibitive to take on such a project now. If I did restore one the most I would pay is $1 since the amount to restore would far out weigh what the car would be worth when done. I don’t believe going into the red on a car restoration.


Do you know in the Road Runner is foe sale?


I very much agree with that last sentence.


I look forward to receiving the “Barn Find” videos; I pour my morning cup of Joe, watch the videos; think to myself…“that’s the job I want”…admire the cars, then I’m ready for the day; love the videos.


The badging on the Olds coupe reads ****FUTURAMIC, not Futur_matic_!


Great video! Too bad that the owner wasn’t into 2-door coupes.

“Buicks?” I didn’t see any stinking Buicks.


So many of my clients could care less what they spent on there classic car, they could have $50K in 30K car did not matter it was there car and were not in it for the money, a true classic car guy is on it for the love of it, hard to really explain you just have to be a car guy to know. it’s not about the money, Jack


My mistake as I got side tracked and too focused on the story of redemption. Nonetheless, Olds, Buicks or Pontiacs they are all in the exact same boat. There are a whole bunch of 50’s Pontiacs for sale north of me. They have been for sale for years despite being in somewhat better condition than these Oldsmobiles. My father isn’t interested but being 92 makes it understandable. Ultimately I see only one place where they will go.


Okay. I once had a friend who owned a Buick. :sunglasses:


Is there any contact info available for the Olds barn finds?


Too bad these cars aren’t up north like Ohio many people are starting to restore the 4 dr cars. Its hard to find anything worth restoring that isn’t completely rusted away or that someone else hasn’t already parted out or hacked the crap out of. Many of those 4 drs are very unique and would be truly nice restoration projects. Oh and the dodge with the red ram hemi also a great find. I have a 53 Coronet with a 241 Red Ram Hemi that you just don’t see any of these. Wish more folks would restore the old Dodges with these Hemi engines.