Barn Find Hunter: The Ferrari and Cobra cross the block


First, you watched Tom Cotter discover two of his most exceptional barn finds yet. Then you got to see him solve the puzzle of how to relocate them from their condemned garage. But now that the hard part is over, and the cars have been cleaned and serviced, it’s time for the final chapter in this story. Finally, the barn-find 427 Shelby Cobra and Ferrari 275 GTB/2 long-nose alloy coupe cross the auction block for the world to see.

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A fabulous end to an exciting Barn Find story. Thanks to Hagerty and all involved for allowing us to be part of the story.

Best Regards,

Joe Rybicki Highlands Ranch, Colorado


I want to hear more about how they got them running, what steps did they take, etc, etc.


To see them go at a bargain price was a bit disappointing and it seems that Gooding gets lots of looky loos but then falls a bit short of expectations. Too bad, I wanted to see a record but thanks for the show.