Barn Find Hunter: Uncovering a motherlode of Fords and Mercurys


Sunny Southern California is a hotbed for classic cars, from road-worthy beauties to those forgotten junkers that Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter loves so much. But California is tightening its laws concerning the possession of non-functional vehicles, making it tougher for folks to stockpile project cars.

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It was disappointing that Tom just blew by the Mercury Marauders - I think those should be considered pretty rare, verses the the Torinos he spent too much time on.


Am wondering if there’s a way to reach the guy in this video who has all the Fords for sale? I saw one I’m interested in.



Can you provide contract info for the guy in the video


I love to watch the barn find videos, but it breaks my heart to see all these cars rusting or rotting away :frowning:


Saw this on San Diego Craigslist, looks like it’s the same guy and has contact info.

1967 Mecury Cougar


He doesn’t need to worry about the State of California. He needs to worry about the local District Attorney. I knew someone who had 53 Oldsmobiles in his backyard in Lemon Grove over the decades. Tall fence around so you couldn’t see them. However, Lemon Grove started to develop and someone made a complaint around 2004-2005 to the DA. He lost and ended up having to move them out of there. This fellow has two story houses around him.

So that Mustang was his first car. Looks like crap now and I can say that. Why? I have owned my first car, a 1968 Cougar, since I bought it off my father in 1969. The car is still pristine. Ones first car means something and should be treated accordingly. The condition of that Mustang tells me a lot.

As for that link to the 67 Cougar. Ther’s gold in them thar hills, err cars. Condition 5 Cougar, needs everything, unable to move, and needs a roof! Don’t care if it is a GT it is not worth more than $2000 and IF no engine and trans then even less.


There was a lot of cars in that video that were not even mentioned. Cars that would be better off in somebody’s garage being restored rather than sitting outside wasting away. It’s a shame that there is no way to reach out to this person.