Barn find of a lifetime uncovers a fortune in vintage cars


There are barn finds, and then there are barn finds. This, my friends, is the latter. Longtime fans of Barn Find Hunter know that Tom Cotter has turned up some unbelievable treasures in the past, but I can honestly say this very special discovery is one of the most spectacular automotive experiences I’ve ever had. Come with Tom and me into the deep woods, somewhere in the Carolinas, where a hidden motherlode of barn-find classics slumbers in scattered buildings amidst the poplars, sweetgums, and hickories.

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How about Under a Tree Finds
San Miguel CA - Still a work in progress - 53 DeSoto Firedome Hemi. New battery, new gas, a bit of ether and it fired up - 5 years ago. Check it out here on Google maps


The blue Corvette is a '69 not a '68, and no air conditioning on 435s. Dodge Daytonas didn’t come with 383s - the 440 4-bbl was standard with the Hemi as an option. The
3 X 2-bbl Six Pack option was not available on Daytonas, only 1970 Superbirds.


Incredible cars, incredible find! Thanks for the video…But you walked by a 1969 L88 CORVETTE convertible without mentioning it?**


So, are ANY of these cars for sale? If so, how do we contact the owner (Eubanks)? I’d be interested in the Pantera for sure!


Some very nice cars in this collection some of which are very rare finds anymore


@desryan20 - That underscores just how massive this particular horde of cars is. Tom even points out that the sheer volume and quality of cars made it incredibly difficult to highlight all the items worthy of screen time.


What did this guy do for a living to be able to afford all of these purchases???


Just think, one day, after he is gone - his wife or daughter will sell them off - course they will be rich!


He makes very clear at the end of the video that none are for sale. But time IS on your side.


A smogger 1980 L82 Corvette (“angle port heads” (sic) lol ) is worthy of 2 mins. of screen time while an L88 or - gasp - maybe a ZL1 sits covered in decades of dust?


Sorry, I only read the article and did not watch the video.
Bill Cartus


This just breaks my heart. So many wonderful cars going to rot.


WOW so many great cars If I was Tom I would be walking around in with my mind blown wish we could have seen them all even those under the trees what a great collector to have so many cars and pieces of personal history I like the idea he has owned some from brand new I hope he can fix some of the buildings to keep his collection safe One can only dream of the things tom has showed us in his many trips I agree this is one of the best .


Love the video but this guy doesn’t understand what concourse really means. Just cleaning up an old car that’s been rotting in a barn does not make it concourse.


I would love to have seen the old Dodge pickup that was in one of the scenes. LOVE the old “square” body. My '70 is like new.


I just watched this barn find… My jaw was on the ground! Unreal what the value of that collection is???


I’m local-ish to this collection(no i will not provide any location details out of respect for their privacy) and have heard stories from old hotrodders in the area. Mr Eubanks used to teach autobody classes at some of the local community colleges and allegedly showed up in different cars frequently, driving them how they should’ve been, prior to speculators driving up the values. I’m glad Tom C and Hagerty was able to get out there and document this amazing collection of cars. One of the rumors, unsubstantiated by the video, included a Boss 429 in their collection.

Allegedly there are other collectors in the area that have similar sized collections in similar condition, focusing more heavily on a particular make.

Thanks for the video Hagerty!


The first observation is this collections makes for wonderful shelter for mice, squirrels, chipmunks or any other creature native to the area. Im delighted he has amassed this collection, pursuing his passion, but responsibility comes with this activity to preserve the integrity and legacy of these cars. Given what I see, sadly, time is not on his side with respect to the aforementioned.


that corvette is nice